Models of Care

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Communication is an essential part of living and relating to people.  It involves much more than the words we say it includes our body language, the way we say things, the context, and the intent.  Effective communication allows us to be heard, understood, and is an essential part of creating the types of relationships we want in our lives.  We can help you to develop more effective communication skills and change your life.


Trauma is any experience that remains unprocessed and continues to affect how we live, feel, and relate in the world.  This includes both “small t” and “big T” trauma.  Small t trauma includes things like bullying, being ignored, name calling, and other times when needs are not met.  Big T traumas include things like assault, war trauma, birth trauma, rape, etc.  Each of our therapists has training in EMDR and Internal Family Systems which both help process memories and provide symptom relief.  These models go beyond talk therapy to allow for the memories to be connected to in a safe and meaningful way which change the way we feel about ourselves, eliminate distress in the body, and stop intrusive thoughts and disturbing dreams.  This allows us to change the way we live in the world and gives us a healthy sense of self.

Your Success Is Our Success

As we seek to provide you services that meet your needs we also expect that you will be motivated to heal.  We expect that our clients want to develop skills they need to improve the quality of their relationships, and the ability to self soothe.  People who struggle with relationships, quality of life, and have trouble making connections are some of our core clients.  Through a compassionate approach we seek to help clients find the self-love and a deep sense of connection.  The counselors at Buchheit Counseling want to help people release the burdens that prevent them from having fully functional life.  Our Counselors develop a plan that works with individuals, couples, and families to help you heal and develop a healthy life.

Each of the Counselors at Buchheit Counseling has specific areas that they specialize in.  We hope that you will look at what they have to offer you and talk with the Counselor that specializes in your specific needs.  Whether your need is in Eating Disorders, Traumatic Births experiences, Addictions related to Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Mood Disorders, Relationship problems, or traumatic experiences.

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